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June 19, 2000
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June 19, 2000

Well, I've got a lot of things working on the website. I have a Questions/Comments section working. I'm also getting the Code Snipits section up and running. I also made a code submission form. (in Code Snipits) So you can send all your useful code for me to post. As soon as I get that going, I'l set up a downloads section for any utilities (alternate editors, tournament automation programs , etc.) that you may find useful.

Sometime in the future, I might make a webpage that will submit/update your bug for different tournaments. Questions? Comments?
Orson Jones

June 16, 2000

I finally bought the full version of A.I. Wars!!!
I create this, The BugSpot, as I wait for it to download. I am creating this as a place you can get code snipits, utilities, etc.

I first found out about A.I. Wars while 'Version 1' was still shareware. I participated in some tournaments with my bug Qdeath, but it never did well. (has anyone been around long enough to remember it?) I've always browsed the forum, and on occasion, added my own comments. I was probably in 10th grade then. Before this I had bought only one game, so I decided to get it after I was done with High School. Well, I'm out of school and it's been long enough! You can watch out for me in the tournaments.
Orson Jones

Send any code snipits, utilities, etc. to
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